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I cannot seem to get vapor out of my device when the set temperature is reached, why?
It's most likely that your mouthpiece needs to be cleaned.  If you look at the bottom of your mouthpiece, you'll see a metal piece, the filter section, might have been clogged.  Clean your mouthpiece.

When you vape, make sure the ground materials are not tightly packed.  Gaia is nearly 100% convection.  Proper packing allows hot air flow through your chamber to heat the materials evenly and thoroughly.  Also make sure your fingers don't cover the air holes on the metal casing (the three vertical holes).
How do I clean my mouthpiece?
Detach the filter section from the mouthpiece. Soak the filter section in Isopropyl alcohol for two hours to clean it.  Using a Q-tip soaked with Isopropyl alcohol, gently rub the inside and outside of the glass tube as well as the metal base until clean.
How do I use the 2-in-1 USB charger to charge my device?
Pull downward the Micro USB connector to detach.  Plug the connector to Linx Gaia and a viable USB power outlet
How do I clean other parts of the device?
Please check out the Gaia unboxing video - how to clean.  Routine maintenance extends the lifespan of your device.
Can I use my Gaia with extracts/concentrates?
No.  The Gaia is designed for use with loose leaf only.      
Can I use my Hypnos Mouthpiece on Gaia?
No. The glass mouthpiece of Gaia is specifically designed to use with Gaia only. 
What is the warranty for Gaia?
Gaia is covered by one year limited warranty. If you have warranty questions or need supports, please contact us by submitting a ticket, select "Warranty". Make sure to include your order number (LNXVPR followed by numbers), product and a detailed description of the issues so we can start the warranty service. Videos or pictures are recommended if available.  Please do not tamper any parts of the device as tampering will void your warranty.  Also check out our Warranty page for detail coverage.
Shipping Guide
Shipping Guide