Linx Dosing Capsule Set of 3

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  • Switch it up and carry up to 3 different strains in the palm of your hand. Keep your flower fresh and your options open. Includes 3 Linx Quartz Dosing Capsules, and 1 air-tight silicone case.

    Compatible With:Linx Eden Switch.

    • Premium Quality

      The Linx Dosing Capsule is a quartz cup that can hold approximately 0.1g of dry herb.  You won't find dosing capsules made with as much care and craftsmanship as the Linx Dosing Capsule. Each capsule is made from high-quality quartz and is hard to break.  Also the quartz cup ensures that every draw is clean and the taste of your dry herb is never affected. Stored in an air-tight silicone case for preserving the taste, quality, and freshness of your dry herb.

    • How to Use Dosing Capsules

      When packing the dosing capsule, use finely ground dry herb and pack loosely, making sure not to overfill the capsule.  A dosing cup is held securely inside the chamber with a seal. This seal can be unscrewed from the top of the device. This seal is optional to use but is suggested to keep the dosing cup from moving around the chamber. Once you have finished a dosing capsule, unscrew the seal, and tip the device upside down to release the capsule. Then you can drop in one with fresh herbs. The dosing capsule acts as your chamber; therefore, you will need one of the cups inside your device at all times.  Allow between 30-60 seconds for the dosing capsule to cool before handling. 

    • Benefits Of Using Dosing Capsules for Vaporizers

      The Linx Dosing Capsules were created for convenient pre-packing, easy cleaning, and makes reloading a breeze. If you’re on the go, it can be a challenge to find a discreet location to reload and with the Linx Dosing Capsules that is all a thing of the past. Simply pre-pack your Dosing Capsules with your favorite strain, drop it into the Linx Eden Switch, and enjoy an easier and more convenient way of vaping. You will also have full dosing control which means being able to measure out exactly how much dry herb you want to use. With each dosing capsule set, you can carry 0.3g of dry herb, ready whenever you are. 

    • Tips For Vaporizer Dosing Capsules

      For optimal performance, it is recommended to not pack the dosing capsules tightly. The Linx Eden Switch's spring design packs down the flower for you.

      For optimal airflow in the dosing capsule, it’s recommended to use finely ground cannabis.

      Because the Linx Eden Switch is a true convection vaporizer, proper packing allows for hot air to flow through the holes at the bottom of the capsules while heating the dry herb evenly and thoroughly.
      Take slow and deep draws allowing time for the hot air to circulate through the dosing capsule.

      The dosing capsules will be hot after use, so allow time for them to cool before handling.  

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