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Heavy Metals Tested

Heavy metals in vape cartridges, including lead, arsenic, and mercury are obviously a growing concern for consumers. With no international or national regulations about contaminants within the vaporizer industry, device manufacturers are left without clear guidelines.

Our customers will have peace of mind to know that Linx has always been proactively committed to producing the most health conscious, toxin-free vaporizers.We have voluntarily had all our vaporizers heavy metal tested - 100% certified by SC Labs and Encore Labs.

Linx vaporizers utilize medical-grade stainless steel, glass mouthpieces, and ceramic or quartz-glass heating chambers and plates. By eliminating or minimizing heavy metals and the use of fibers, plastics or paints in the vapor path throughout our entire vaporizer line, Linx takes your health very seriously. For example - the Gaia and Eden are designed to use air for insulation, unlike most popular vaporizers in the market which utilize toxic silica gel or plastic. The Hypnos Zero and Blaze do not contain any harmful materials in either the ceramic chamber or the quartz chamber. And a single Linx Hermes 3 refillable atomizer removes countless toxic disposable cartridges from our oceans and landfills.

The bottom line is: don’t buy cheap vape pens and cartridges which expose your body to toxic materials and fumes.

Linx’s full range of award-winning vaporizers are living proof of our continued commitment to the highest quality design and craftsmanship in everything we make!


SC lab heavy metal test Encore lab heavy metal tests