Distillate Vape Pens

Our innovative distillate vaporizer pens use a ceramic bowl heating core so you can use any distillate and live resin you want, any time you want. No matter the thickness of the distillate, our vapes allow generous clouds while eliminating any waste.

With refillable atomizers, three temperature control settings, ceramic heating technology, and zero resin waste you can tailor each vaping experience to your exact needs. With the medical grade stainless steel and ceramic heating core, you can count on pure, clean vapor every time.

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About Our Distillate Vape Pens

Made with heavy metal free stainless steel, our distillate vaporizers are capable of vaporizing any oil type, no matter the thickness. The oil inlets in our atomizers are located at the base so they don’t allow any oil to go to waste at the end of your session. You also don’t have to worry about any heavy metals or other impurities in any of our distillate vapes.

Why Choose Linx Vapor

We’ve been dedicated to providing the vaping community innovative, award-winning products that not only perform well but care for you as much as you care for them. We develop all our products in-house, which means we have full control over the quality and the materials we use. All of the metals we use in our distillate vapes are lab-certified as heavy metal-free so you can count on the cleanest and purest vapor.

About Our Other Products

Our distillate vaporizers also have tons of accessories you can get to extend the life of your device and customize your experience. Atomizers, batteries, chargers, and more are available in our online store. If you ever need help finding the right oil vaporizer, our team is ready to help and our blog has content for all levels of vaping experience with insights into the best ways to use your vape pens. 

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