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February 26, 2021 1 min read


If you're like us (or Koala Puffs) some of our best and most creative thoughts seem to spark when we get blazed. Whether it is by yourself or with your friends, getting baked seems to cause ideas to explode through our mind, expanding our perspective on seemingly simple ideas. Of course, not all our "highdeas" are going to be great, but we do tend to have more intriguing and deep ideas when consuming (as illustrated by Koala Puffs in the video). Those experiences that we've all had after a good session are backed by science! Your extract has been shown to stimulate the frontal cortex which is where the problem solving happens in our brain. The cool thing about our favorite flower is that many different complex processes are happening in your body all at the same time after you take that hit. Some help you relax, some will help open your mind to new ideas or just shift the way you see things in your mind. The Linx Apollo is the perfect tool to open up your mind to a new flow of ideas.Get yours here.

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