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October 24, 2022 5 min read

If you are looking for the best dry herb vaporizers, then look no further, as Linx Vapor has released a line of award-winning vaporizers, each designed to give you great flavor and clean vapor. 

All Linx Vapors dry herb vaporizers are convection vaporizers, which means the air from your drawing on the device will circulate through the device’s airpath, and into the chamber that holds your cannabis. This hot air will then begin to melt the terpenes and cannabinoids off your flower. When using hot air instead of direct contact with a heat source you can be sure that your cannabis will never reach the point of turning to ash and tar. 

Staying true to Linx Vapors' mission of creating health-conscious vaporizers, each flower vaporizer is tested twice for heavy metals and is free of toxins. With true convection heating, a sleek and portable look, and premium materials, it's no surprise that Linx vaporizers are known as some of the best dry herb vaporizers. 

The Linx Gaia 

The Linx Gaia is a portable convection dry herb vaporizer, with full temperature control, and a pure quartz chamber. The Linx Gaia was named “Best Portable Vaporizer” by High Times, and the  "Best Dry Herb Vaporizer for Beginners" by Herb

Linx Gaia Dry Herb Vaporizer

The Linx Gaia offers users precise temperature control, which means you can set your temperature to the individual degree between 220F and 428F. This gives users plenty of room to work with, those who prefer light draws and flavorful vapor will prefer to vaporize at lower temperatures, and users who are looking for huge clouds can bump the temperature to 400F and above. We recommend experimenting with different temperatures to find your own sweet spot. 

The Linx Gaia is easy to use, simply remove the mouthpiece cap and unscrew the glass mouthpiece to reveal the all-quartz heating chamber. The quartz is a neutral material, which will ensure that the flavor of your flower is not affected. Fill the chamber with your dry herb and use the packing tool located at the bottom of the device to lightly pack your flower down. Once your flower is packed and you have set your desired temperature, press and hold the power button to engage the heating element. The numbers on the LED screen will increase to meet your set temperature and then you are ready to vaporize.

Linx Gaia Dry Herb Vaporizer LED Temperature control screen

The Linx Gaia’s compactness, simplicity, and impressive vapor make it a great choice when you are looking for a portable flower vape that will give you quality vapor every time. 

The Linx Eden Switch 

With the Linx Eden Switch, convenient, effortless, and efficient vaping has never been easier. The Linx Eden Switch, truly gives you endless opportunities in the palm of your hand, starting with a removable chamber for easy loading, vaping, and cleaning, to true convection heating.The Eden Switch is the advanced model of the Linx Eden, the award-winning vaporizer released in 2019. 

Linx Eden Switch Dry Herb Vaporizer in hand

The Eden Switch was designed with a small removable quartz cup that will act as your chamber. This is called the Linx Dosing Capsule, a small quartz cup that will fit inside the chamber section. Designed to be simple and efficient, each dosing capsule can be prefilled for when you're on the go. With the dosing capsule, you can use your device all day without worrying about resin and small particles building up inside the chamber, as the dosing capsule offers a layer of protection between your dry herb and the Eden Switch. 

Linx Quartz Dosing Capsule for Dry Herb

The Eden Switch also features a unique mouthpiece, designed with a spring on the bottom. The spring will also push down the flower just enough for the perfect airflow, so you don’t need to worry about pushing the flower down, the spring does this for you. Just like a joint filter, there are 2 filters on each side of the spring that will keep all those pesky pieces of flower out of the mouthpiece, and most importantly, your mouth and lungs. 

With such an effortless device to use, it’s no surprise that finding your ideal temperature is just as easy. With four preset temperature settings, it’s simple to find the best temperature for you. Those who want to really taste the terpenes will love the cool green setting.  If you want each hit to really pack a punch, you can crank it all the way up to 428F at the red setting. 

So if you are looking forthe best dry herb vape to experience vaping in its most advanced and effortless form then check out the Linx Eden Switch today.

The Linx Eden 

The Linx Eden is a portable convection dry herb vaporizer, named “Best vaporizer for under $100” by medium, the Linx Eden is the best dry herb vaporizer if you are looking for quality for a reasonable price.

Linx Eden Dry Herb Vaporizer on charging dock

With a true convection oven, an all-quartz chamber, and a glass tip, the Eden can produce great-tasting vapor and then some. It’s made of medical stainless steel, and a pure quartz chamber.

The Linx Eden has four settings designed to provide a good amount of versatility, ranging from; 360 to 430°F. Those who prefer light and flavorful vapor will enjoy the cool blue and green settings, and if you are looking for bigger clouds then you will want to heat it up to the red setting which can reach 430F, and if you just need a little more heat, then you'll love the Heat Boost feature, which adds up to 20F from your starting temperature. 

Linx Eden Dry Herb Vaporizer Chamber

The Eden is a dual-use vaporizer, meaning you can use both dry herb and wax, the Eden comes with a set of Linx Lava Plates that allow you to vaporize both extract and dry material simultaneously. Just simply add your flower to the chamber, add your wax between two Lava Plates, drop the Lava Plates into the chamber on top of your flower and you can enjoy both without having to choose. 

The Linx Eden is the best dry herb vaporizer for anyone looking for a powerful and versatile vaporizer without breaking the bank. Designed with premium materials and at only an affordable $99, the Linx Eden is made for beginners and connoisseurs alike. 

About Linx Vapor 

Linx Vapor began in 2016 and has since released a variety of vaporizers, all designed with the mission of creating a line of health-conscious and technology-driven vaporizers. From dry herb, extract, and distillate vaporizers, they all have one thing in common, they are crafted with only the highest quality materials & made to deliver the cleanest, purest vapor you can get. 

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