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December 07, 2023 2 min read

Refillable cannabis vapes are a hot trend in smoking gadgets. As more people turn to convenient devices, vaping is becoming super popular.  Refillable Vape Pen cartridges are super handy and bring savings while being kinder to the environment. When you refill them, you get to customize your pen with flavors you love, and you're not throwing away the whole pen—just the cartridge. That means less waste and more choices for you.

The Hermes 3 Atomizer is renowned for its efficiency in vaporizing THC & CBD oil or concentrates. Refilling this atomizer is crucial for maintaining a consistent and enjoyable vaping experience. In this comprehensive guide, we'll detail the step-by-step process to refill the cannabis oil into the Hermes 3 Atomizer, ensuring a seamless and satisfying vaping journey.

Before initiating the refill process, gather the necessary supplies and prepare your workspace:

-THC oil or concentrates.
-Clean, dry workspace.
-A heating oven or warm water source.
-A syringe.
-A few short and thick needles, like LINX NECTAR NEEDLES, are recommended for precise and easier filling
-Paper towels or tissues for spill management.
-Hermes 3 Atomizer.

Filling oil into Hermes 3 is easy with Linx needles

Step-by-Step Refilling Guide:

Step 1: Disassembling the Atomizer
Carefully unscrew the mouthpiece of the Hermes 3 Atomizer following the manufacturer's instructions to prevent any damage.

Step 2: Accessing the Cartridge
Detach the tank or cartridge from the atomizer, ensuring gentle handling to prevent any damage to internal components.

Step 3: Preparing the THC Oil
To facilitate easier filling, place the THC oil in a heating oven or warm it gently to a temperature below 120°F for about an hour. This process liquefies the oil, making it easier to work with. Understanding slight temperature adjustments is important for various products like distillates and live resins. Live resin tends to operate at lower temperatures, making it a bit trickier to handle while filling compared to distillates. These variations impact viscosity and the filling process's ease.

Step 4: Choosing the Needle
Opt for a short and thick needle to fill the cartridge. This type of needle is suitable for handling thicker THC distillates or live resins without causing damage to the cartridge.

Step 5: Refilling the Cartridge
Using the warmed, more liquid THC oil and the chosen syringe, slowly fill the cartridge. Take care not to overfill and avoid the needle touching the bottom of the tank to prevent any potential damage.

Step 6: Reassembling the Atomizer
Carefully reattach the cartridge to the Hermes 3 Atomizer, ensuring a secure fit to prevent leaks.

Step 7: Priming the Cartridge
Allow the refilled cartridge to settle in an upright position for a few hours to enable the oil to saturate the wick properly, priming the atomizer for optimal vaping.

Step 8: Testing and Adjustment
After priming, take a gentle puff to ensure proper functionality and adjust if necessary.

Refilling THC oil into the Hermes 3 Atomizer is a straightforward process when executed correctly. By employing these steps, handling the process with care, and using the suggested tools and techniques, you can experience the full potential of your device and preferred THC concentrates.

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