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October 14, 2022 4 min read

Linx Vapor has designed a line of award-winning portable wax vaporizers, ranging in price and portability, and now we have compiled a list of the best wax vaporizers and dab pens currently available to help guide anyone who isn't sure which vape to choose, or who may be new to the world of wax vaporizers. So, if you want to know which Linx vape is the best one for you, look no further.

Overall Best Wax Vaporizer

The Linx Apollo

The Linx Apollo is the most versatile vaporizer in the industry. Transforming from aportable wax vaporizer to an e-nail in just seconds.

The Apollo is perfect for the concentrate lover, on-the-go dabber, low-key stoner, or anyone that's looking for that reason to sit back and relax with a nice fat dab. 

Linx Apollo Portable Wax Vaporizer and E-nail in carrying case

The entire Linx Apollo kit comes in a low-key, smell-proof carrying case, meaning you can have your whole rig set up and an e-nail, in the palm of your hand. 

The Linx Apollo has a large quartz atomizer for great flavor, superior heat retention, and easy cleaning. The base of the Apollo Body is made with a reversible airflow meaning the airflow is switched when you use it in the different modes.

Linx Apollo Wax Vaporizer Desktop Mode

Desktop Mode: The Linx Apollo base is attached to your glass and can be used as a portable e-nail. Able to attach to male or female glass, at 90 or 45-degree angles, and 14-18mm sizes. 

Linx Apollo Wax Vaporizer Portable Mode


Portable Mode: The Linx Apollo base, when connected with the included Linx Glass Bubbler, transforms into the perfect portable electric dab rig. The Apollo when used in Portable mode functions like a rig, without all the hassle of carrying a bong bag and torch.

With the Linx Apollo, you’ll truly have the world of dabs in the palm of your hand.

BestPortable Wax Vaporizer

The Linx Blaze 

The Linx Blaze is one of the best dab pens, it comes with a convenient carrying case so you can have your vaporizer with you at all times. 

Linx Blaze Portable Wax Vaporizer

The Linx Blaze features two interchangeable atomizers (Quartz & Ceramic) so you never have to choose. With four variable voltage settings, two atomizers, and a glass mouthpiece to keep the vapor clean and pure, the Blaze comes fully loaded to be the perfect portable wax vaporizer

With single-button operation and no complex steps to the process, beginners will have no problem getting quality clouds.

Linx Blaze Atomizers

Ace (Quartz) atomizer– Quartz atomizers have a quick heat-up time which results in bigger cloud production, and the large quartz layer will retain the heat well, meaning you’ll get the most out of every dab. 

Zero (Ceramic) atomizer– The ceramic atomizer produces flavorful vapor, so it is ideal for low-temperature dabs. Ceramic is a neutral material, so the flavor of your extract is not affected. The ceramic will take longer to heat up than the quartz atomizer but it retains heat even better. 

So no matter if you are looking for huge clouds or unrivaled flavor, the Linx Blaze has it all. 

Best Dab Pens for Under $100

The Linx Hypnos Zero 

The Linx Hypnos Zero wax vaporizer has been named twice as the“Best Vaporizer” by High Times. The Hypnos Zero was the first dab pen for sale to revolutionize the ceramic plate atomizer, designed for minimal reclaim that saves wax and money.

Linx Hypnos Dab Pen

The Hypnos Zero Ceramic Atomizer is known for producing a great flavor, and with the glass mouthpiece which keeps the vapor cool and pure, you can’t help but get fantastic vapor quality.

The Zero Atomizer is a ceramic plate atomizer, which means the raised ceramic plate where you place your extract was designed for even heat distribution, to make sure all the wax has been vaporized. 

Linx Hypnos Zero Atomizer Ceramic Portable Wax Vaporizer

The Hypnos Zero features a powerful 510-threaded battery, which can also be used with other 510-threaded atomizers and cartridges. The Hypnos Zero battery has 4 temperatures to customize your session, the bottom 2 temperatures focus more on a flavor-filled experience, while the higher two will produce larger clouds.

The Linx Hypnos Zero is the best dab pen for anyone who wants quality without breaking the bank. 

Linx Ares Honey Straw 

The Linx Ares Honey Straw is minimal and designed with stealth in mind.  The Linx Ares isn’t a wax vaporizer that’ll turn heads, in fact, with all its pieces attached- it looks more like a pen than a vape. 

Linx Ares Honey Straw Portable Wax Vaporizer

The Linx Ares honey straw embodies portability due to its ceramic rod atomizer, eliminating any loading and effort. Designed to be used like a straw, rather than loading an atomizer like traditionalportable wax vaporizers, the Linx Ares lets you vape directly from the concentrate container.

Linx Ares honey straw wax vaporizer with ceramic wax container

The ceramic rod atomizercan be dipped into the extract to heat directly.Just press and hold the power button while you place the heating element into your dish of concentrates and inhale. 

Powerful and ultra-portable the Linx Ares is truly thebest wax vaporizer for when you want a discreet vape that will deliver clouds just like your favorite rig, without the hassle. 

Best Dab Pen for Under $50

The Linx Ember 

At only $39.99 the Linx Ember is one of the smallest and sleekest wax vaporizers on the market. The Linx Ember is an affordable, 510-threaded ultra-portable vaporizer. Geared for beginner and intermediate users, the Linx Ember is very straightforward to use and comes at an unbeatable price.

Linx Ember Dab Pen Wax Vaporizer Full Kit

The Linx Ember features a universal 510 threaded battery and double coil quartz rod atomizer. This is two quartz rods tightly wrapped in titanium coils, the atomizer is also designed with a vapor window, so you can watch your wax heat up before you vape.

The Linx Embers 510 threaded battery comes with three temperature settings, and sesh mode, which turns on the battery for 12 continuous seconds of heating. Compact and discreet, the Linx Ember is theBest Dab Pen for under $50. 

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