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October 06, 2022 3 min read

When you are choosing a wax vaporizer, it may seem like everyone has their favorite material to dab from, but there is no consensus on the best atomizer. That is because, depending on your goal, each atomizer is going to deliver a different experience; starting from cloud production to flavor and heat retention. So depending on which of these matters most to you, there is an atomizer out there meant for you. Each atomizer will have its advantages and disadvantages- so let's take a closer look at which one is right for you.  

Exposed Coil Atomizers

Linx Dio Double Coil Quartz Atomizer

Exposed coils are a great way to introduce your extract to direct heat, creating more vapor and massive clouds. Exposed coil wax vaporizers usually have one or more coils made from titanium wrapped around a quartz rod. The more coils you have, the more heat and vapor is produced. 

Exposed coil atomizers are known to produce intense heat, create big vapor, and can handle large amounts of extract, but they have disadvantages as well. While these atomizers have the reputation of heating up very fast, they lack the ability to retain their heat well over time, which can result in having to use more power to keep a consistent temperature.

Unfortunately, while exposed coils do produce more heat they also create bigger messes. These coils can be hard to clean, making simple maintenance when using extracts a bit of a chore. Exposed coils are also known to be difficult to load, and depending on the coil size, wax may fall below the coils. 

Inlaid Quartz Coils

Linx Ace Quartz Dab Pen Atomizer

Inlaid Quartz Coil atomizers feature a layer of quartz covering the heating element. With the use of inlaid quartz atomizers, you can be sure you’ll get flavorful, intense clouds with none of the downsides of exposed coils.

Quartz atomizers have a quick heat-up time which results in bigger cloud production, and the large quartz layer will retain the heat well, meaning you’ll get the most out of every dab. 

With the quartz layer being a large flat surface, your extract will evenly burn and no wax will be able to drop below the heating element. 

Cleaning is a breeze with these atomizers, but it is important to clean after every use, to avoid buildup on the flat surface. The high heat output could cause performance issues if your atomizer is not cleaned thoroughly. But with regular maintenance, these atomizers will last and give you the same taste and vapor production as your first use. 

Ceramic Atomizers 

Linx Blaze Zero Ceramic Atomizer

Ceramic atomizers are quickly becoming the most popular choice when it comes to atomizers. Ceramic atomizers are usually shaped as a bowl or a dish, which means that your extract will be heated on an even surface, so the heat is distributed evenly so that each hit is consistent from the first to the last. 

Although ceramic atomizers may take more time to heat than quartz atomizers, they have superior heat retention, which means less strain on the battery and more consistent vapor delivery.

Ceramic is also the material that delivers the best flavor, so they are ideal for low-temperature dabs. Ceramic is a neutral material, so the flavor of your extract is not affected. Ceramic atomizers are also easy to clean, so you can avoid any build-up that could cause a burnt taste. 

The best atomizer for you

Linx Hypnos Zero Dab Pen Ceramic Atomizer

Here are some of our recommendations for the best atomizers, designed to highlight your extracts, last for ages, and most of all give you an unforgettable experience.

If you are looking for a powerful and versatile device that can give you the ability to be used as an E-Nail or a Portable Dab Rig then thLinx Apollo is for you, featuring our Ace inlaid quartz atomizer, you can get large clouds, great flavor, and simple cleaning. The unique design of the Linx inlaid quartz atomizers means that you can experience your wax the way it was meant to be.

The inlaid quartz atomizers are also available with the Linx Ace Atomizer for the Blaze Portable Vaporizer. If you're still looking for those crazy clouds- then check out the Linx Dio Atomizers featuring a double quartz rod, tightly wrapped in titanium coils, for the best vapor production you can get. 

The Linx Zero Atomizers are made from pure ceramic, with a larger chamber and 510 threading, making it easy to have the perfect dab in no time. The ceramic atomizers are available for both the Linx Hypnos and Blaze wax vaporizers

To learn more about choosing a dab pen, or our various Linx Vapor products, check out these blog posts on Why Temping Matters When Dabbing, How To Choose A Vape For Beginners, and Linx Guide To The Best Dab Pens 

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