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Gaia Magnetic Mouthpiece Cap

  • Need a replacement Gaia Magnetic Stainless Steel Mouthpiece Cap for your Linx Gaia Vaporizer? Look no further. Like the rest of the Gaia Portable Vaporizer, this vape dust cap is crafted from premium materials, free from heavy metals, and designed to keep your vaping as pure and fresh as possible.

    Includes:1 x Gaia Mouthpiece Vaporizer Cap 

    Compatible With:Linx Gaia Vaporizer

    • Premium Materials

      We make all our products exclusively from premium materials. Whether metal, ceramic, or glass, all products are free from heavy metals to produce a clean, flavorful vapor.   

    • No Heavy Metals

      Our vaporizers are all heavy metal tested, to ensure no toxins can be found in our health-conscious products. Even our vape dust cap utilize medical-grade stainless steel.

    • Excellent Service

      We’re here to help you learn more about our innovative vaporizers and their accessories. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and our staff will readily provide answers and expertise. 

    • Choose Quality

      By moving everything in-house, we know our customers will love the quality and consistency of everything from our vape dust cap to our glass bubblers. We pride ourselves on the care and craftsmanship of all our vapes and vape accessories.

    • Choose Safety

      We aim to guarantee your health and safety, by ensuring even our vaporizer caps are tested by third-party laboratories. That way you can rest assured knowing our products are free from harmful materials and toxins.   

    • Choose Linx

      Since 2015 we’ve been providing the safest, most innovative vapes out there. Our vapes are award-winning, and we’re proud to offer the vaping community new and exciting ways to enjoy the experience they know and love.

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