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Linx Lava Plates (Set of 3)

  • Linx lava plates, stainless steel extract pads, allow you to vape extract and dry material simultaneously for the best vaping experiences.  With Linx Vapor lava plates you don’t have to choose between your dry herb and extract any longer. Now, you can load both in your device at the same time with these concentrate pads. 
    • Made of medical grade stainless steel.
    • Includes 3 x lava plates.
    • Compatible with Linx Gaia Vaporizer, Linx Eden and Linx Eden Switch Vaporizer.
  • Step 1: Spread your extract (about the size of a grain of rice) onto one side of steel concentrate pad (lava plate). 
    Step 2: Load your vaporizer chamber halfway with dry material and place your two lava plates on top.
    Step 3: Re-attach mouthpiece, power the device on and enjoy. 
  • Premium Materials
    At Linx Vapor, we’ve built our reputation on how we make vapes and we’re committed to developing the most revolutionary products. All the concentrate pads and vaporizers we sell are created in-house so we have full control over the quality of materials being used.

    No Heavy Metals 
    When you buy a vaporizer for dry herb and extract you shouldn't have to worry about any harmful materials used. That’s why we have all of our medical grade stainless steel tested by independent laboratories to ensure we have heavy metal free products available. 
    How To Clean 
    STEP 1: Submerge concentrate pads in isopropyl alcohol. 
    STEP 2: Allow to soak for one hour. 
    STEP 3: Remove them from alcohol and allow to air dry. 

  • Choose Quality
    No other company in the vaporizer industry is as committed to developing products that push the industry forward as we are. We’ve created new vaporizers for dry herb and extract so that you get a cleaner and more pure cloud every single time. Choosing Linx Vapor is choosing quality.
    Choose Safety
    We don’t want the cheap materials to be used in our concentrate pads and vaporizers. Linx Vapor was created to care for the people who prefer to vape. You shouldn’t have to worry about your safety every time you take a draw. At Linx vapor, you get safe and flavorful draws every time.
    Choose Linx
    We’re proud to be honored with multiple “Best Of” awards by major cannabis publications for all the products we’ve developed over the years. That’s why we’re confident in what we do and why we have a huge drive to continue pushing the entire industry forward to create better products.

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