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February 04, 2019 4 min read

After cranking out email after email and sitting in traffic so bad you’d almost rather walk home week after week, you can always find comfort in your portable vape pen.  But if you’ve been a bit bored in that department lately and have been waiting for something more, we’ve got some good news for you. We're  bringing the gas with the Linx Blaze extract vaporizer.

Measuring in at just 105 mm in length, this beast of a portable extract vaporizer comes fully loaded with an in-laid heating full quartz atomizer, an industry first which is insanely easy to clean and heats up your favorite extract evenly and perfectly, plus an extra-large recessed ceramic plate atomizer for superior and unrivaled vapor production and incredible flavor.

Founded in 2016, we've been making a name for ourselves within the vaporizer community due to attention to flavor and health, creating products with pristine vapor paths free of any fibers, plastics or paints. True to form, the Blaze’s 5-volt, 510 threaded battery and interchangeable atomizers are constructed of medical grade stainless steel- which means pure flavor without any of the bad stuff.

Linx Blaze: Flavor and Potency Unrivaled

So how were we able to fit all this into this small yet powerful vaporizer? It all comes down to the atomizers.

This thing delivers powerful vapor production, some of the best in an extract vaporizer, and don’t even get us started on the flavor! The second you put your lips on the smooth and expertly crafted glass mouthpiece, you’re in for a treat. Terpenes have definitely met their match with the Blaze.

The Ace atomizer consists of a full coil-less quartz chamber with patent pending inlaid heating elements. In a nutshell, this thing heats up quickly and stays lit to keep your extract firing up until you’re ready to put it away.

The Blaze easily handles any type of extracts you throw its way.

Unlike other atomizers that consist of exposed coils, etc, the critical heating components of this atomizer is meticulously and thoughtfully designed so that they are safely integrated within the atomizer itself. When firing up the atomizer and taking a look inside, it’s easy to see what looks like a “hot spot” directly within the middle of the atomizer. Because the entire atomizer is made up of high-quality quartz, the heat is distributed evenly throughout the chamber, leaving you with nothing else but pure, liquid gold.

The second you load up the Ace atomizer and fire it up, you’ll get some unreal flavor and will be effortlessly blowing large clouds while tasting all of your extract like never before. (We've been using Tyson Ranchas our extract of choice recently!)  Thanks to the squeaky-clean vapor path, there is nothing that came between the pure flavor of your extracts.

The Blaze includes a second “Zero” atomizer. This atomizer is based on Linx Vapor’s award-winning wax vaporizer, the Hypnos Zero.

While the Zero is a bit smaller and easy to carry, it’ll just take one session to become a fan. The Blaze atomizer is bigger, deeper and holds twice as much extract when compared to the Zero’s chamber. The recessed ceramic heating plate heats up quickly and delivers massive clouds with each hit. Thanks to the larger size of the atomizer and the larger battery, the Blaze delivers huge plumes of flavorful vapor. The flavor score for this atomizer is just as good as the Ace. It simply does not disappoint.

Linx Blaze: Hands On and Take Away

As the saying goes: First impressions mean everything- and the Blaze does not disappoint in that department.

Often times we have seen, due to varying consistencies of different types of extracts, portable vaporizers are notoriously difficult to clean, especially while on the go.

This is not the case with the Blaze.

Both Blaze atomizers require a burn off with light swabbing of the chambers. For the Ace, all it takes is a few simple swipes of a cotton swab soaked in isopropyl alcohol. This thing couldn’t require any less effort.

It’s also tough to break- this thing’s a beast! When it comes to cleaning, poke and prod all you want; this atomizer can take a beating. While quartz chambers itself are not new technology, the fact that the heating element is not exposed within the chamber itself is what really takes the atomizer to a whole new level.

The Zero atomizer can simply be submerged into isopropyl alcohol for a few hours, cleaned with a cotton swab and it’s good as new.

After a full battery charge, which can take anywhere from three to four hours depending on usage, the Blaze will rip solidly throughout the day, easily lasting two to three days on a single charge depending on how much extract you are burning through.

One thing that we can’t stress enough is its perfect size and medical grade stainless steel composition which really makes the Blaze stand out from the pack. This thing is built like a tank and fits perfectly into your pocket no matter where you go.


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