• Gaia

    Winner of High Times Best Portable Vaporizer, The Linx Gaia is the cleanest way to vaporize your flower. Utilizing its all Quartz chamber, convection heating and variable temperatures, the Gaia is in a league of its own.

  • Hypnos Zero,Dio

    The Hypos Zero combines innovation, health consciousness and portability to give you the best vaporizing experiences possible. Winner of the High Times Best Vaporizer 2 years running, the zero uses 0 coils, 0 plastics, 0 paints and 0 fibers. Why settle for less?
  • Ares

    On the corner of innovation and portability is where you will find the Linx Ares. Using a ceramic rod atomizer, the Ares requires no loading. The future of vaporizing has arrived.
  • Ember

    The days of spending big bucks on vaporizers that don't deliver on quality or taste are over. The Ember is a vaporizer for the people, coming in at under $40 you can experience a quality vaporizing experience without breaking the bank.
  • Hermes 2

    Finally, a high quality, health conscious, reusable oil vaporizer. You won't find any plastics, paints of fibers here. The Hermes combines sleek designs, portability and clean flavors to bring your next session to the next level.

Stay Blazed!

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Shipping Guide