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August 10, 2022 4 min read

There’s no doubt that there’s something nostalgic about smoking dry herb. So even though we’re about to make a case for the dry herb vape, we definitely want to start off by paying homage to where it all began. 

Smoking dry herb has been around for millenia, but as with all things, time has brought change. We’ve learned new things which allow us to enjoy dry herb in different ways, like vaping. Read along with us as we explore what makes the best dry herb vape.

Smoke vs Vape


Pre roll dry herb cannabis for smoking

The difference between smoking and vaping is actually quite simple — smoking requires combustion to create the heat necessary to activate the cannabinoid molecules residing in the trichomes. This heat then turns them into something that can be inhaled. That “something” is smoke. But the smoke is not only made up of terpenes and cannabinoids; it also contains combusted plant material. Combusting and smoking plant material is harder on the throat and lungs, plus unwanted chemicals go along for the ride into the body.


The intense heat from the flame also overheats the trichomes, often destroying more than it activates. True, you will still feel the effects, but it will likely require more dry herb than adry herb vape pen, and the taste will be tainted, as well.



That said, vaping is much easier on the herb, especially when using the best dry herb vape. It’s true that vaping dry herb also requires high heat, but vaping doesn’t combust the plant material. It simply heats it and turns the cannabinoids and terpenes into vapor, which preserves their integrity and their flavor. This also means that you will use less dry herb than smoking, even half as much as you normally would, since the fragile cannabinoids are released and not burned. 


Even more importantly, vaping helps keep the medicinal value of the entourage effect intact. This is exceptionally important for patients who use dry herb to manage pain and other conditions. In essence, when comparing vaping and smoking, you need to know that you will get more effects and flavor from small amounts of dry herb if you use a dry herb vape pen, than you would if you smoked it in another traditional fashion. 


Keeping Things Clean

With a close eye on maintaining the integrity of your dry herb, let’s talk about how to select the best dry herb vape for you. Because of the high temperatures necessary to turn trichomes into vapor, you will want to make sure that the material used to forge your vape has been certified Heavy Metal Free. After all, you don’t want to smoke combusted plant matter, and you definitely don’t want to smoke from a vape device made from metal alloys, which can leach heavy metals into your experience.


Heavy metals are widely known for their very sobering, and harsh effects on the body. So when you’re looking for the best dry herb vape, you want to make sure that you pay careful attention to the material from which your vape is made. Seek only products which explicitly state that they are made from materials which have been tested and certified Heavy Metal Free. Companies that use stainless steel, glass, and ceramic will be free from toxins due to these sound practices.


So Many Choices

Now that you understand the difference between smoking and vaping dry herb, as well as the details you need to consider when selecting the best dry herb vape, it’s time to take a look at the type of dry herb vapes available. There are a variety of vapes on the market, each specific to the type of medium being vaporized — dry herbconcentrates, and distillates. When it comes to dry herb vapes, you will definitely want something portable. The best part is, the best portable dry herb vaporizers are not only small, but exceptionally discrete. 


There are a couple of other considerations you will want to keep in mind when shopping for the best dry herb vape. First, you may want to shop for dry herb vape pens which give you the option to use both dry herb and concentrates. This definitely takes the vape game to the next level. Plus, you will want to know the company’s reputation. Look for endorsements and accolades from reputable sources, such as High Times and Medium


Keep In Mind

Macro image of trichomes on dry herb cannabis flower

We’ve covered quite a few details necessary for purchasing the best portable dry herb vaporizers and the overall best dry herb vape for you. But there is one final consideration you will want to know before making your selection. Vaping dry herb is known to produce stronger effects than smoking dry herb. So if you are new to vaping dry herb you will want to start slowly. Always keep in mind that the cannabinoids are better preserved when vaping, which means it will take less to feel their effects. If you choose a dry herb vape pen which accommodates both dry herb and concentrates, you will want to pay extra close attention to your use. A little is going to go a very long way, which makes the investment in a dry herb vape even more beneficial. 


Choosing The Best Company

Linx Vapor works hard to make the products which garner the attention of reputable sources, and our vapes have been recognized for their quality and discretion. We are always here to answer your questions about our vapes, and help you determine which will be the best dry herb vape for you. You can always shop our products with confidence, and if you purchase from, you will also get a 1 Year Warranty on your purchase. 

We keep our vapes free from toxins by intentionally making them from materials such as stainless steel, which have been tested and certified Heavy Metal Free. We do our best to ensure that they will be easy to clean and care for, so they will last you for years to come. If you’re interested in shopping vapes made from premium materials, then you want to shop our vaporizers. You can also follow us @LinxVapor to keep up with the latest from our award winning vape company, and get updates on our best dry herb vapes and more.

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