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August 16, 2022 3 min read

Let's be real, all of us enjoy a good joint or perfectly packed bowl out of a freshly cleaned bong. Some of us enjoy one of these just about every day. Between 7 to 12% of Cannabis users smoke every day. Oftentimes more than once a day. 

Many of us have put the consequences of smoking into the back of our minds. And not just smoking flower, but joint wraps, blunt wraps, butane, and gas might have long-term effects. 

There are plenty of alternatives to smoking when it comes to cannabis. From edibles, tinctures, and even seltzers. There is no shortage of ways to get high nowadays.

Many people find that edibles and other forms of consumption without smoking, can be unpredictable and oftentimes, just not the same as a good old bong rip. The classic smoking feeling is what many of us are looking for, tasting the terpenes, trying out new strains, and enjoying a smoke with friends. 

That's where Vaporizing comes in. What even is vaporizing? Just fancy smoking? Kind of- but it's also SO much more. 

Vaporizing your cannabis is not only known to be healthier for you than using a lighter, but it’s also sustainable for long-term smokers, and those looking to get the most out of every bowl. Vaporizing is also typically recommended for medical cannabis users.

Using a lighter to burn flower is called combustion, and this will heat the flower quickly and at a high temperature. The average lighter can reach temperatures in the thousands. 

Vaporizing cannabis means that you are using heat, not an open flame, to heat up the cannabinoids and terpenes until they melt into a vapor, and the plant material that would become smoke, ash, and tar is left behind.

The flower is heated just below the combustion point and goes through the process of decarboxylation when you vaporize it.  After a few hits, the plant is still intact & ideally a brownish/green color. 

So, vaporizing cannabis is not only safer than smoking, but it also gets you higher- Yes, Really! 

Vaporizing gives you more control over the temperature that your flower is heated to, certain terpenes and cannabinoids are only able to affect us when they are at this temperature. If it is too hot then you may be burning them too much to feel the effects. Vapor from a vaporizer will also be much cooler on your throat and lungs compared to harsh smoke and lighter fluids. 

This means that when you vaporize your flower, you are only inhaling the good things that will get you high and none of the bad.

Vaporizing also makes a difference on the amount of flower you smoke throughout the day, meaning it might save you money. The average bowl piece will hold double the amount of flower than most portable dry herb vaporizer chambers and even though the bowl piece holds more, the vaporizer will give you considerably more draws for the same amount of flower. 

Vaporizers also give you the option to reuse the flower once you have vaped it. With this AVB (Already Vaped Bud) you can make edibles, tea, butter or even eat it straight (though it will not taste good). You can also save this AVB for an emergency smoke. This means every gram can get you high, twice! 

Some people also use vaporizers for their discreetness. The smell of cannabis is still going to be there, but significantly less compared to a bong rip. The casual and innocuous design of some portable vaporizers also means that you can have a low-key sesh anywhere you want. People might look twice at a bong, but won't even take a second glance at some of the sleek portable vaporizers out there. 

In the end, everyone who smokes will crave an occasional joint, but that doesn't mean that switching to a vaporizer couldn't benefit us all. From saving weed and getting the most effective high, to low-key hits wherever you want, it sure seems that vaporizing could truly be the future of cannabis use. 

So if you think that vaporizing cannabis might be right for you, check out our other articles on the different types of vaporizers to learn more. Convection vs conduction. If you’re already sold and ready to dive right into vaporizer life, check out Linx Vapor for our newest device, the future of dry herb vaporizers. You can check out what Tools420 has to say in their Linx Eden Switch Vaporizer Review on our new convection vaporizer!



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