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Hermes 510 Cartridge Battery

  • Replacement 510 cartridge battery of Linx Hermes 3 and Hermes 2.
    • 510 thread battery.
    • 3 preset temperature settings.
    • Fully charges within 2-3 hours.
    • Shell made of stainless steel.
    • Include 1x 290mAH lithium-ion rechargeable and discreet 510 battery.
    • Compatible with Linx Hermes, Hermes 3 atomizer and most 510 prefilled cartridges, however some may not connect due to different manufacturer quality standards. We recommend using this battery with Linx atomizers for optimal effect.
    • Charger sold separately.
  • The Hermes battery is the best cartridge battery for THC oil and CBD oil vapers.  This 510 cartridge battery is built of top quality Li-ion battery and medical grade stainless steel and is a slim 510 battery for low-key vaping. The Linx Hermes battery has three different temperature ranges so you can get a clean draw every time. You can use this with the Hermes 3 atomizer, Hermes 2 atomizer, and most other 510 cartridges on the market..

    A full charge can last a full 24 hours with normal use. The size of this battery is small enough to fit in most pockets or small containers so if you are looking for a discreet 510 battery for THC cartridges, the Hermes 3 is the perfect 510 cartridge battery.

    The price for buying this vape battery is a great deal but you can even get it in four small payments if you can’t pay for it all today. It’s easy enough for beginners to use and is durable enough that long-time users will enjoy it.
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