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Hypnos is upgraded! Now click button five times to power on and off.




Hypnos innovates and exceeds





Vapor path is constructed with glass mouthpiece and ceramic chamber, ceramic wick and titanium coils.  





Hypnos raises the industry standard. It's the only extract vaporizer in the market with four temperature settings. You have the power to control the heating rate of your concentrate for optimal hit and most economic use.





Hypnos is the ultra compact concentrate vape pen offering tremendous power in a small body.  (Full length at 10.7cm with mouthpiece attached)





Linx Hypnos Portable Portable Vaporizer: ceramic wick chamber


Healthier Atomizer

Ceramic Chamber, Ceramic Wick and Titanium Coils 

Linx Hypnos portable vaporizer: ceramic wick chamber

Temperature Control

 Three clicks to toggle among four temperature settings.


Linx Hypnos Portable Portable Vaporizer: 4 temp settings


510 Threaded Battery

Compatible with all your favorite concentrate accessories. 

Linx Hypnos Portable Portable Vaporizer: 510 Threaded Battery


Built to last

Medical grade stainless steel shell makes Hypnos sleek and long lasting. 

Linx Hypnos Portable Vaporizer: best portable vape pen


Lithium-ion battery recharges in 1 - 2 hours vis USB.  650 mAH

All ceramic heating chamber.

Ceramic coil rod heats instantly.

Vapor path is constructed entirely from medical grade components. No plastics, no paints, and no fibers.

14 mm (Diameter) x 107 mm (Length)


Input: 2.7 - 5.5v; Output: 3.5v - 4.1v

Linx Hypnos Portable Portable Vaporizer: medical grade stainless steel
Linx Hypnos Portable Portable Vaporizer: in the box 


1 Hypnos 650mAh Rechargeable Battery
1 Hypnos Atomizer 
1 Glass Mouthpiece
1 USB Charger 

Linx Hypnos Portable Portable Vaporizer: 1 year warranty


1 year limited warranty 

Linx Hypnos Portable Portable Vaporizer in Hand

 Linx Hypnos portable vaporizer reviewed by Ruffhouse Studio

Ruffhouse Studio
Blazing Pot Leaves: 4.5/5.0

"The flavor is very spot on and puffs, even at a low temperature setting, can be huge. Long, slow draws on the Hypnos pen at low temperature produces some of the most pleasant yet powerful hitI've had experienced in any kind of coil-typed pen... Overall the performance of the Hypnos is excellent and the battery, despite its size, last impressive several sessions before getting a recharge which is also pretty quick."



 Linx Hypnos portable vaporizer reviewed by Vape Critics

Vape Critics
VapeRating: 92/100

"Linx is new to the game but they came out swingin, they have a super nice pen here, easily one of the nicest I own... Linx made the Hypnos with 4 temp settings, which is another thing that’s different than most pens... Heating your concentrate at a lower temperature gives you amazing flavor, the vapor is very clean and pure tasting. You’ll be amazed at how long that much will last and how many hits you can take... it’s extremely efficient, none of your stuff will be wasted and you’ll definitely feel like you’re getting every last drop out of it."




Youtube review by Ruffhouse Studios.
Youtube review by Vape Critics
Youtube review video by Crutch 420
Youtube review by 420ScienceClub 


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