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Linx Ares

Large Clouds, No Loading, No Effort

Linx Ares Honey Straw

Extract The Power

linx hypnos zero portable vape bar


The ceramic rod atomizer heats up fast and delivers incredibly powerful vapor. Like Hypnos, Ares continues its emphasis on fresh flavor utilizing quality source materials and its patent pending design.


Ares eliminates the loading process.  Simply dip the pen in your favorite extracts and get fresh hit each and every time.  No more reclaim and no more waste.


With a modular design, Ares can be dissembled into multiple components, making cleaning safe and easy. 



Lithium-ion battery recharges in 2 - 3 hours vis USB. 750 mAH.

Coil-less ceramic rod atomizer.

Ceramic rod heats up instantly.

Vapor path is constructed entirely from medical grade components: ceramic rod, stainless steel and signature glass mouthpiece.

15 mm (Diameter) x 165 mm (Length)


Input: 5v


Linx Ares Portable Vaporizer For e-Juice: in the box 


1 Linx Ares 750mAH Rechargeable Battery
1 Linx Ares Ceramic Rod Atomizer 
1 Linx Ares Magnetic Atomizer Cap
1 Linx Ares Magnetic Pen Cap
1 Stainless Steel Sheath
1 Glass Mouthpiece
1 Glass Container
1 USB Charger

Linx Ares Portable Honey Straw: 1 year warranty


1 year limited warranty 

linx hypnos zero portable vape bar

linx hypnos zero portable vape bar




I am new to honey straw, how do I use my Ares?
Ares is easy to use.  Put your product into the glass jar, hold the power button and dip the ceramic rod in your product.  Make sure not to submerge the ceramic housing in the product as it might create clogging of the vapor path.   Be cautious that the ceramic rod can get extremely hot when heated, do not touch before it's completely cooled down.  We recommend to put the atomizer cap on the device immediately after use to avoid burning.
How do I clean my atomizer?
Submerge your entire atomizer in Isopropyl alcohol for two hours. Dry the atomizer completely before reattaching to your battery.
How do I clean my mouthpiece?
Unscrew the glass mouthpiece tube from the stainless steel sheath.  Using a Q-tip soaked with Isopropyl alcohol, gently rub the inside and outside of the glass tube as well as the metal base until clean. 
How do I clean other parts of the device?
Please check out the Ares cleaning video.  Video coming soon...
Can I use my Ares with loose leaf?
No.  The Ares is designed for use with extracts only.      
Can I use my Hypnos Mouthpiece on Ares?
Yes, the glass mouthpiece section is interchangeable between the Ares and the Hypnos lines.  If you have a Hypnos mouthpiece, unscrew the Glass Mouthpiece Section off the Metal Filter Section and re-attach the glass section to your Ares, you are good to go. If you have an Ares mouthpiece, a separate Metal Filter Section must be attached to the glass section to make a fully functional Hypnos mouthpiece. 
Why does my Ares keep flashing white?
The Ares flashes white 10 times when the battery is depleted. Charge the battery fully before next use. 

The battery will also flash 10 times when the power button is held for 15 seconds.  This indicates that the overheat protection feature is triggered and your device will be shut off automatically.   Press the power button 5 times to turn back on the device.
Can I use my own 510 battery?
No. Ares requires special charging port.  Ares atomizer only works with the charger come with the kit. 
Why was my order declined? 
If you received a message that your order is declined, it's most likely that your credit card or billing information during checkout did not match the record you have with your credit card company or card-issuing bank.  Learn more from our billing page.
How do I get updates on order/tracking status?
When your order is placed successfully, an order confirmation email will be sent.  When your order is fulfilled, a shipping update email with tracking ID will be sent.  If you didn't receive any of the emails, please check your spam folder.  Also check to see if you have left the correct email address when the order was made.
What is the warranty for Ares?
Ares is covered by one year limited warranty.  If you have warranty questions or need supports, please email  Please do not tamper any parts of the device as tampering will void your warranty.  Also check out our Warranty page for detail coverage.
Is U.S. shipping discreet?
Yes.  Your orders will always be shipped in plain, unmarked envelope or box, neither of which contain any information about the contents inside.  The orders are shipped from "Shipping Dept., LNXVPR".  If you have special request regarding to shipping and handling, please leave a note at the "Order Notes" section on your cart page. 
I didn't receive my package, what do I do?
We don't require signature confirmation upon delivery of your package.  However, our courier provides signature confirmation services. We strongly recommend the use of such service to prevent lost or stolen package.  When the package is processed properly and handed over to the courier, it's beyond our control and the courier becomes accountable for the package.  We will not be held responsible for lost or missing packages.  If you didn't receive your package, kindly contact your courier immediately
I have an additional question or suggestion, where can I find more information?
Check out our Customer FAQs for information on shipping, warranty, return & exchange, pre-orders. Or email our support team at  We'd love to hear from you.

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