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Eden mouthpiece glass tubes - Extra long (set of 2)

  • The Linx Eden utilizes convection heating to create a clean and health-conscious vaping experience. Now you can make vaping even smoother with our extra long Eden Vape Glass Mouthpiece. Made of pure glass, these two extra long tubes provide distance and heat absorption, cooling your vapor and making for impressive clouds.  Twice the standard length, these glass mouthpieces are designed specifically for use with the Eden glass mouthpiece base and metal sections.

    Includes:  2x Extra Long Vape Glass Mouthpiece Tubes

    39mm (double the length of the standard mouthpiece glass)

    Compatible With: Linx Eden, Linx Eden Switch

    • Premium Materials

      To make the best vaporizers you’ve got to use the best materials. That’s why we use smooth, high-quality glass in this vape glass mouthpiece. No paints or particulates, no blemishes or bubbles. Just quality craftsmanship, every time.  

    • No Heavy Metals

      Your extra long vape mouthpiece, like all of our premium products, is 100% toxin-free. We work with multiple independent labs to ensure consistent, health-conscious products across the board.

    • Excellent Service

      Our team is passionate about our vapes and replacement parts, and we’re always happy to share our knowledge with you. If you have any questions about our vaporizers or our industry, contact our team anytime. We’re happy to help.

    • Choose Quality

      It wasn’t enough to rely on outside sources to make our products. We wanted to innovate and create the very best vaporizers, so our product development stayed in-house. That way we could fully control the quality of every piece.  

    • Choose Safety

      Without industry-wide regulations in place, it falls on companies themselves to take safety into their own hands. That’s why we develop all of our vaporizers and accessories in-house, and lab-test consistently for heavy metals and toxins. 

    • Choose Linx

      Our vapes have been the winners of several awards, thanks to the one-of-a-kind experience they provide. There’s nothing else like them anywhere else but Linx Vapor. 

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