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October 01, 2021 3 min read

“Without change, there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable.”

This quote from famed physicist William Pollard perfectly captures the mission of Linx Vapor. We strive to bring our customers the newest technology with your health at top of mind. With that being said, I am happy to announce the newest update from Linx Vapor, The Upgraded Linx Gaia.

Introducing the Upgraded Linx Gaia

The original Linx Gaia was a huge leap forward in Dry Herb Vaporizer technology. Its revolutionary All Quartz Heating Chamber and its innovative Air Insulation Technology produced some of the most healthy and flavorful vaporizer experiences around.

The glass mouthpiece and full temperature variability added to the elegance and functionality of the original making it one of the Best Value Vaporizers in the market.

But this was only the beginning. We have been hard at work trying to further improve the performance of the Gaia. Enter the New Linx Gaia, quite possibly the Best Dry Herb Vaporizer ever made.

The Upgraded Linx Gaia has everything that made the original Linx Gaia the epitome of greatness… and more. Sporting the same sleek lines and made of the same high-quality Medical Grade Stainless Steel, the New Linx Gaia has one major upgrade, the oven.

After extensive research and development, we have developed a vaporizer that is truly revolutionary, an All Quartz Heating Chamber that uses convection heat. We’ve redesigned the quartz oven so that it now produces nearly 100% convection heat, resulting in an air drawn hit that perfectly browns the Cannabis within, vaporizing the trichomes with maximum efficiency.

While the flavors that come off the original Linx Gaia, with its hybrid heating of conduction and convection, are top notch and the battery life is second to none, the flavors produced by the Upgraded Gaia are true to the terpene profiles making this vaporizer perfect for Terpene Connoisseurs and novice users alike. 






Introducing the Upgraded Linx Gaia 2In the world of Cannabis vaporizers, size matters. The Upgraded Gaia measures in at 80 mm tall and 24 mm wide making it one of the smallest portable convection vaporizer on the planet! If you take your health seriously, the New Linx Gaia is for you.

Most dry herb vaporizers use synthetic fibers to insulate their heating elements. If these synthetic fibers are accidentally inhaled into lungs, they can cause permanent lung damages.

The Upgraded Gaia’s Air Insulation Technology uses air entering the unit to surround and insulate its heating element. The air path of the New Gaia bypasses the internal electrical components giving you the cleanest, healthiest vaporizer hit available.

The best part, The Upgraded Gaia comes in at $159.99, that’s $100 - $200 less than comparable models.

The Upgraded Linx Gaia is, with out a doubt, the best value vaporizer available. To help celebrate the arrival of the Upgraded Linx Gaia, we are releasing a new gold finish that adds to the elegance and style of the original Linx Gaia, we hope you love the Gaia Gold as much as we do!

But it’s not enough for a company to simply produce new technology and leave the customers who purchased the original Linx Gaia high and dry.

We here at Linx Vapor have developed an upgrade program that will allow customers who purchased the original Linx Gaia the opportunity to trade up for the Upgraded Linx Gaia. So fear not, Linx has your back.

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