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October 01, 2021 1 min read

The Linx Hypnos has been puffing and passing its way around YouTube reviews this month, with videos by names such as The Vape Critic and Ruffhouse Studios popping up on the screens of vapers everywhere. Matt of Ruffhouse Studios, a well known reviewer of cannabis devices,  gave the Linx Hypnos a 4.5 out of 5 blazing pot leaves.  The Vape Critic, another well respected reviewer in the vaporizer industry, selected Hypnos as one of his top vape pens, with a VapeRating 92/100.

A common focus in these reviews is on the detailed improvements that we made over other wax pens. The medical grade construction, 4 temperature settings, glass mouth piece, durable construction, and a completely chemical free vapor path, it’s no wonder Matt said the Hypnos has, 

"The densely weighted feel of quality... Little room for improvement

The Vape Critic also pointed out the overall quality of the device as a defining feature and another great example of close attention to details in his review, stating that the Hypnos was,

 "Easily the nicest I own"


"...four extra air holes strategically placed around the top of the chamber. One of the chief complaints with vape pens is too much draw resistance, or not enough air flow, and sometimes even a clogged feeling when you go to take a hit from it. These air holes (of Hypnos) are here to prevent that, and they do a mighty fine job"





Linx Hypnos wax vaporizer review by Ruffhouse Studio
Watch Ruffhouse Studio Review



Linx Hypnos wax vaporizer review by Vape Critic
Watch Vape Critic Review


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