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About PACT Act


Big Changes in The Vaping Industry

PACT Act will take effect on March 27, 2021

In late December 2020, Congress passed a huge spending package that included a coronavirus relief bill, and—buried deep in the 5,000-page document—a law entitled the Preventing Online Sales of E-Cigarettes to Children Act. The act is commonly referred to as the “vape mail ban”.

It was quickly signed into law. The new law inserts vaping products, including non-nicotine vaporizers, into the Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking (PACT) Act. It also instructs the U.S. Postal Service to create regulations prohibiting the shipment of all vaping products through the U.S. Mail to residential addresses. Further, big-name shipping companies like UPS and FedEx have already said that they will also no longer ship vaping products.

If you would like a more in-depth look at how the PACT Act could negatively impact the cannabis vaporizer industry, check out the article from vaping360.

Linx team will continue supporting you

The PACT act may unfortunately negatively impact our ability to ship our products directly to you the customer in the near future.  We anticipate that we’ll see an increase in shipping costs and limited coverage of zipcode regions covered by our couriers. Rest assured Linx vapor will continue offering technical support and honor warranties.

While nothing in the Act’s history indicates that Congress intended to sweep THC/CBD vape products into its purview, we are keeping a careful eye on this law. 

Where to find Linx vaporizers offline

All domestic online retailers selling vaporizers face the same challenge as we do. At this moment, a small number of brick and mortar shops carry our products. We’re working on the list of shops and will publish online later.

Please ask your next-door shops to carry us

We’ve said many times - without you, there’s no us. The Linx team would like to offer a massive thank you for all your support and to again assure you that we are redoubling our efforts to work through this challenging time.

We are enthused at innovating vaporizers that are healthy, easy to use and with good value. If you share the same passion and like our vaporizers, please ask your next door vape shops, smoke shops or dispensaries to contact our wholesale department at and start to carry our products.