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Linx Hot Knife 510 Thread Electric Dab Tool

  • The Linx Hot Knife is an innovative electric dab tool designed to simplify and refine the process of handling concentrates. Equipped with a ceramic knife tip that quickly heats up, it enables you to seamlessly portion small pieces of concentrate without any residue sticking to the tool. Its compatibility with the majority of 510 thread vape pen batteries enhances its versatility, making it an ideal choice for both at-home and mobile dabbing experiences.  

    - Medical-grade ceramic tip for a super smooth experience.
    - Comes with a convenient glass cap for easy storage and portability.
    - Compatible with most 510 thread vape pen batteries.

    1 x Electric Dab Tool (Battery Not Included)

  • Handling concentrates can be challenging due to their sticky nature, and given their cost, it's crucial to avoid wasting even the smallest amount. This inspired the development of the Hot Knife attachment, a specialized 510-compatible tool with a ceramic tip that heats up to ensure the smooth transfer of wax directly into your banger, eliminating mess and residue.

    The Hot Knife is designed to fit any stick-style 510 battery, with our Hermes or Ember batteries being the top recommendations for their adjustable temperature settings and extended handles, providing superior control over your dabbing process.  To operate the Hot Knife, attach it to any 510 thread battery by screwing it in place. Activate the ceramic knife tip by pressing the button, heating it up. The method of heating can vary based on the concentrate's consistency: preheat the tip to slice through the wax effortlessly or heat it post-application to ensure the concentrate slides off smoothly. After obtaining the precise amount of concentrate, transfer it to your dabber or banger for use. Enjoy your seamless dabbing experience! Additionally, don't forget to use the travel cap to safeguard the ceramic blade and maintain its cleanliness when not in use.

  • Electric Dab Tool: The Hot Knife, an effortless electric dab tool attachment, is compatible with any standard stick-style 510 vape battery. It significantly simplifies the process of handling concentrates, reducing mess and complexity.

    Ceramic Tip: Engineered for efficiency, the Hot Knife's ceramic tip heats rapidly, featuring an ultra-smooth and finely edged design for seamless wax release and easy cutting through dense materials. Remember to handle the ceramic tip with care and always use the provided cap to protect it when not in use.

    510 Battery Not Included: Please note, the package includes only the Hot Knife attachment. It does not come with a vape battery or charger. For those who don't have a 510 battery on hand, we recommend purchasing the Ember battery or Hermes battery with a charger.

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