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Eden mouthpiece

  • Eden vaporizer mouthpiece is an exact replacement for your original.
    • Made with premium glass, medical-grade stainless steel, and a built-in filter.
    • Free from heavy metals.
    • Includes 1 x Eden glass mouthpiece, with filter section.
    • Compatible with Linx Eden Vaporizer.
  • Step 1: Unscrew the filter section off the mouthpiece section.    
    Step 2: Soak all parts in Iso alcohol for around one hour.    
    Step 3: Wipe all pieces with a Q-tip.
    Step 4: Re-attach the filter section to the mouthpiece section for next use.
  • Premium Materials
    Your vaporizer mouthpiece is made from medical grade stainless steel and premium glass. You won’t find any fibers or paints in any of our products. We only use the highest quality materials to keep your vaporizer mouthpiece as pure and clean as it can be.  

    No Heavy Metals 
    The vaping industry doesn’t have federal regulations to keep other companies from using harmful materials. That’s why we take it upon ourselves to ensure every dab pen mouthpiece we sell is free from heavy metals. A vape from us is a vape you can trust.    
    Excellent Service
    We’re committed to developing innovative products that change how you vape. We understand that means you might have some questions about our products and how to get the most efficient experience. Contact us to get the right help for your decision.

  • Choose Quality
    We develop every single product in-house. That means we have full control over the materials used in our vaporizers and the level of quality they are made with. You can be sure that every single one of our products is the exact same high-quality as the last one.   
    Choose Safety
    When we started Linx Vapor it was clear a lot of companies didn’t care about the materials being used in their vapes. It led us to develop products that never included paints, fibers, and plastics that could leak harmful toxins into your vapes. Clean vapor with every draw.  
    Choose Linx
    Our commitment to developing innovative vaporizers has been awarded with several “Best Of” honors from major publications. It helps reinforce our idea of giving just as much to our customers as they give to us so everyone wins. Learn more about us and our products in our in-depth blog.  


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