Linx Blaze Budder Cups

Blaze Budder Cup (Set of 8)

$ 14.99


Blaze Budder Cup (Set of 8)

Control the dosage of your concentrates with ease while keeping your Blaze Zero atomizer in pristine condition. Whether you are into control-dosing/micro-dosing, prefer the convenience to pre-load, or just want to make cleaning easier, this dab dish is a can't miss accessory for the Linx Blaze wax vaporizer.

Includes: 8 x Blaze Budder Cups

Dimensions: 6mm x 6mm

Compatible With: Linx Blaze Zero Atomizer

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Premium Materials

The Blaze dab dish is made from high quality standard quartz, which is strong and hard to break. These dab cups help to extend the life of your Blaze extract vaporizer and allow you to experience perfect pulls for longer.

Microdosing CBD & THC

The idea of microdosing is to consume an exceptionally low dose so you can achieve the mildest result possible. However, everyone is different, so there's no magic number for effective microdosing. We can't stress enough to always "start low and go slow."

Easy Maintenance

Preload the dab dish and have it ready-to-go. The Blaze dab cups make cleaning up easier than having to take apart your vaporizer piece by piece. If your cup is stuck in the chamber because of extra concentrate, heat your vaporizer to burn off the excess, and the cup will come out easier.

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We’ve been dedicated to bringing innovative dabbing solutions to our customers for years. Our products have been recognized by major cannabis publications, driving us to continue to make valuable products our customers can enjoy.

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All of our vaporizers are free of heavy metals and certified by two independent laboratories. You won’t find any impurities in the chambers of our wax atomizers; only ceramic, glass, or stainless steel. When you’re using a Linx vaporizer your experience will be clean every time.

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All our products are developed in-house which means we have complete control over the quality of every dab dish and vape pen in our store. Feel free to contact us anytime you have questions about us or our products and our experts will be happy to help!.

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