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Hypnos Mouthpiece

  • Replacement Hypnos dab pen mouthpiece
    works perfectly with your pen. It even comes in steel or
    iridescent to complete your Hypnos look. Get your
    backup or replacement today. 

  • Premium Materials 
    You won’t find any cheap alloy metals or plastics in our premium dab pen mouthpieces. Each one is made with medical-grade stainless steel and premium glass so you know there aren’t any toxic substances ruining your experience. The iridescent color does not contain paints either. 
    No Heavy Metals 
    The industry doesn’t do enough to get rid of heavy metals from vape pens so we have to pick up the slack. None of the metals we use contain any heavy metals. None of our products contain paints, fibers, or plastics, in the vapor path so your pull is pure and clean every single time. 
    Excellent Service    
    We offer some of the most innovative products in the industry so it’s understandable you might not know what they all do. If you have a question about how our dab pen mouthpieces work, or which is best for you, let our knowledgeable staff know so we can help. 
  • Choose Quality
    With multiple awards received from major cannabis publications, our quality is our reputation. We develop every single product in-house, which means we have full control over the quality of the product as well as the materials being used. You’ll know what you’re getting and we know you’ll love it.  
    Choose Safety
    With no federal regulations for the vaping industry to follow, it’s hard to know which brands are safe for you. That’s why we only use medical-grade stainless steel, glass, and ceramics in our vape pen replacement mouthpiece so that you can taste the terpenes and feel the effects of your dab pen.
    Choose Linx
    At Linx Vapor, we aren’t satisfied with making vape pens that are the same as what’s already on the market. That’s why we innovated our products, adding ceramic atomizers, four temp wax pens, bubbler attachments, and more. Every product you buy helps push the industry forward in bringing better vape pens for all. 

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