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October 01, 2021 3 min read

We can all agree that YouTube has proven to be an essential resource when trying to learn about any topic under the sun. This fact rings true when talking about Cannabis. Enter the WeedTuber.

The WeedTuber is a new offshoot to the typical YouTube reviewers/personality. These WeedTubers offer some great information about cannabis news, strains and vaporizers for dry herb, wax concentrates and CBD oils.

The following is a list of the best WeedTubers out there who continue to provide great cannabis related content.

The Best WeedTubers on Youtube: Positive Smash 420

Ashley AKA Positive Smash 420 continues to break the WeedTube mold. Her infectious personality will have you in a good mood in no time.

Ashley is very active on YouTube, producing an average of seven videos per week (far above the average WeedTuber). Her content includes: Cannabis cooking, strain reviews, wax reviews, vaporizer reviews, glass reviews, give-a ways, Sunday sessions, stoner coloring and productive stoner tips.

If you are looking for a well informed Weed-Tuber, look no further than Positive Smash 420. Make sure to watch the very end of each video to find a treat, a hilarious out take reel :)

The Best WeedTubers on Youtube: Strain Central

Josh AKA Strain Central is the true professional of the WeedTuber community. Josh has been at it for just over three years and it shows with his production quality and his established rankings for Cannabis strains wax vaporizers, and dry herb vaporizers.

Josh also goes into deep dives about Cannabis related issues and regulations, something that most other WeedTubers tend to neglect.

With Josh’s friendly attitude and informative content, there is no doubt that Strain Central will become one of your favorite WeedTube channels.

Check out his review of our Hypnos Zero above!

The Best WeedTubers on Youtube: Crutch 420

“What is up World, I’m Joe Kid and this is Crutch” With such a memorable intro, its easy to see why Joe Kid AKA Crutch 420 makes our list.

Joe Kid has been an active WeedTuber for just over two years now. With his laid back attitude and great production quality, Joe kid produces amazing and informative content ranging from strain reviews, wax vaporizers reviews, dry herb vaporizer reviews, CBD vaporizer reviews, watch while high videos and how-to tutorials.

But it’s the detailed strain reviews that keep us coming back.

Joe kid provides great insights into the taste, smell, visual aesthetics, and overall feeling of each strain he reviews, making him a real authority in the Cannabis industry. Check out his review of our Gaia above!

The Best WeedTubers on Youtube: Silenced Hippy

Sasha AKA Silenced Hippy is without a doubt one of the most adorable WeedTubers out there.

Her laid back, soft spoken vibe will have you relaxing in no time. Sasha has been making Cannabis videos for just over two years now with no signs of stopping. Sasha provides more insight into her private life and experiences which makes her seem like a real down-to-earth close friend, something lacking in most videos these days.

Sasha’s content covers strain reviews, wax and dry herb vaporizer reviews, glass reviews, personal updates and nature sessions (my personal favorite). If you are looking for an all around amazing person to smoke weed with, look no further, the Silenced Hippy has you covered.

The Best WeedTubers on Youtube: Dab Spot

A long time veteran of the WeedTube community, Danielle AKA Dab Spot, has been producing weed content for just over 3 years now.

To say that Danielle is simply beautiful may be a bit of an understatement. Her amazing attitude and in-depth knowledge of Cannabis combined with her beauty makes her a bomb shell.

With videos ranging in topic from strain reviews, vaporizer reviews, give-a-ways, stoner stories, smoke sessions, comparison videos, and personal updates, its easy to see why Dab Spot ranks among the top five.     

With a growing number of new WeedTubers, finding quality content is proving to be more and more difficult. In our opinion Positive Smash 420, Strain Central, Crutch 420, Silenced Hippy, and Dab Spot are with out a doubt the top five WeedTubers in the game.

Don’t take my word for it, check them out yourself. I'm sure you will not be disappointed.


Happy Tokes



Written by Eddie Ridgill

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