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October 01, 2021 2 min read

Linx vapor is proud to announce that the Linx Eden has been lab tested and is certified heavy-metals free.

We here at Linx Vapor are purveyors of high quality, health-conscious vaporizers and that’s why we have voluntarily submitted our newest convection vaporizer, the Linx Eden, to the California based independent testing facility, SC Labs, for Heavy-Metals testing. “This is not a requirement from the BCC” (Bureau of Cannabis Control), instead it’s to show our commitment to Health-Consciousness and a greener tomorrow.” The Linx Eden tested negative for the presence of Cadmium, Lead, Arsenic, and Mercury. We have also submitted our refillable oil pen, the Linx Hermes 2 and it too tested Negative for Heavy-Metals.

The best budget-friendly convection vaporizer Linx Eden is now certified heavy-metal free: about Eden

The Eden is True Convection and features an All Quartz Chamber, Innovative Air Insulation, Medical Grade Stainless Steel Body, 4 Temperature Settings, Large Chamber Capacity, Long Lasting Battery and has dual use capabilities - allowing for simultaneous use of both dry flower and concentrates with the included “Lava Plate” concentrate pads.

What we don’t compromise on is health-consciousness and taste, a clean air path is of the utmost importance. The Linx Eden uses an innovative air insulation system. This air insulation eliminates the need for unhealthy synthetic insulating materials as found on some of the most popular vaporizers.

The Linx Eden comes complete with 2,500 mAH battery, magnetic mouthpiece cap, cleaning brush, USB charger, 3 glass mouthpiece tubes, 3 Silicone Mouthpiece Caps, 4 Filter Screens, and 3 Linx Lava Plates. We also include a one-year limited warranty on every vaporizer.

Our whole team is very excited about the arrival of the Linx Eden, it’s the next step in convection vaporizing at a budget friendly price. See for yourself!

As each innovation is a painstaking effort, our team keeps pushing the envelope. Flavor, health and craftsmanship are three words that have become synonymous with the Linx Vapor name and as always, the Eden is continuing that tradition.

Thanks, and if you enjoy the Linx Eden or any of Linx vaporizers, let us know. Hit us up on IG or add a review on our website.

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