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September 06, 2022 5 min read

It has been an exciting launch month for the Linx Eden Switch, the advanced version of one of our original dry herb vaporizers, the Linx Eden. When upgrading the Eden into the Switch we considered the most important factors for anyone looking for a portable vaporizer, taste, temperature control, discreetness, and most of all, a clean, great hit, and now with the Linx Eden Switch, convenient, effortless, and efficient vaping has never been easier.

Though the two may look alike- the Eden Switch has taken portable vaporizers to the next level.

Now let's get into everything you could ever want to know about the Eden Switch.

What is the removable ‚Äúdosing capsule‚ÄĚ?¬†

The Linx Eden Switch was made with a removable chamber in the form of our Linx Dosing Capsules.

These Quartz capsules make cleaning, loading, and vaping a breeze. And no matter how long you’ve had your Eden Switch, each hit will taste as good as the first!

The dosing cups are easy to clean and will keep the inside of your device looking as good as new. You can use your device all day without worrying about resin building up inside the chamber, or small particles falling deeper into the device. With such effortless maintenance, the dosing capsule considerably increases the life expectancy of your device.

The Dosing Capsule will be acting as the chamber, therefore you need one in your device at all times. There is an optional seal that will keep the capsule from wiggling around. 

We suggest packing the capsules using finely ground dry herb, making sure not to overfill. 

With a fine grind, packed loosely, the hot air will be able to circulate throughout the capsule and evenly vaporize your flower, making it ideal for getting the most out of every draw.

How does the Eden Switch save my flower?

Each Dosing Capsule can hold about 0.1g of flower. This is less than half the amount of flower that would fit in the average bowl piece (0.3g). Yet, with this little amount of flower you can get up to 8 hits per capsule! With the process of vaporization- you will only be inhaling the terpenes and cannabinoids, meaning each hit is full of quality vapor and eliminates harsh smoke, butane, and toxins. 

And, after you vaporize your flower- you don't have to dump it in the ashtray- save it up and use it again! After a few hits, the plant is still intact & ideally a brownish/green color, compared to just a black and grey ash in a bowl.  The leftover cannabis is called AVB (Already Vaped Bud), or ABV (Already been vaped). 

This AVB can be used in butter, oil, tea, coffee, or even eaten straight, (though that won't taste that great).  AVB can also be saved for a smoke on a rainy day, it is not as potent as the flower before it was vaporized but it still contains enough THC if it is your only option. 

What temperature range does the Eden Switch have?

The Linx Eden Switch has four preset temperature settings.

Blue is the coolest, and Red is the highest. 

With this temperature range, there's an option for those who want to taste the terps, those who want a rip that will sink you into the couch, and everyone in between. It’s easy to find your perfect temp, and if you need a little extra heat, you can activate the Heat Boost feature, which adds 20F from your starting temperature. 

What type of heating does the Eden Switch use? 

All Linx Vapors' dry herb vaporizers are made with true convection heating.

Convection heating uses the airflow from you pulling on the device to circulate hot air inside the chamber. The heating element is ls located further inside the device, never touching the flower. 

With convection heating, you can truly taste all the terpenes that give each strain its unique taste and smell, and every hit is full of the good stuff that gets you high, and no butane, ash or tar. Not only can you be sure you are using the healthiest way to consume cannabis, but you can also be sure the materials in the device are just as safe.

The Linx Eden is designed so the vapor only passes through materials like stainless steel and quartz, meaning there are no paints or other harmful toxins in the vapor.

Fun facts about the Eden Switch


The dosing capsules are also available in sets of 3, in a smell-proof case. With the dosing capsule set, you can carry up your favorite strains at once and 25 hits in the palm of your hand.

At just under 6 inches, and less than an inch wide, the Linx Eden Switch is the perfect portable vaporizer to use discreetly.

Lava Plates will turn the Eden Switch from a dry herb vaporizer into dual-use flower/ extract vaporizer. These stainless steel lava plates can be placed directly into the dosing capsules on top of the flower. 

‚ÄúStealth Mode‚ÄĚ allows you to choose how dim or bright the lights on the Eden Switch are. Simply press the power button down for 3 seconds to toggle between the light settings.¬†

Tips and Tricks! 

If you have very sticky flower, allow the flower to sit in the chamber for 10 seconds once it has reached its set temperature before you begin to take a draw. 

When taking a hit from the Eden Switch,it is important that the first draw you take is slow and steady to get the airflow circulating around the flower.

When packing the dosing capsule, don't pack it tightly. The Eden Switch’s spring mouthpiece will press the flower down for you! 

Allow the flower to sit in the chamber for around 5 seconds once it has reached its set temperature before you begin to take a draw to allow to terpenes to heat up

Once the Eden Switch has reached your preferred temperature ( it will vibrate), wait up to 5 seconds before taking a draw to get larger clouds.


What are the steps to using the Linx Eden? 

  1. Stand up, find your Eden Switch and your flower.
  2. Grind your flower & load into the dosing capsule ( in or out of the device ) 
  3. Seal the dosing capsule in the device with the seal. (optional) 
  4. Push your flower down with the spring, while attaching the mouthpiece.
  5. Turn on the device by pressing the power button 5 times
  6. Choose your temperature by pressing the button 3 times. From the lowest on Blue- to the highest on Red.
  7. Wait for the device to heat up. It will vibrate when it has reached your desired temperature 
  8. Take slow steady draws to circulate the hot air through the chamber 
  9. If you want a little extra heat, push the power button to activate heat boost and add 20F
  10. Sit back down & Enjoy. 

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