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October 01, 2021 3 min read

So you want to live a long, happy and healthy life. Who doesn't? Believe it or not, lung health is a very important factor in this equation, especially if you are a Cannabis user.

By now we all know the benefits of vaporizing cannabis as opposed to smoking it. Factors like temperature, taste, and combusted material all come into play.

But did you know that the vaporizers themselves, the materials used in their construction, play a large role in your overall vaporizer experience and possible lung health?

Insulation materials used around the vaporizer’s oven can be an important deciding factor when it comes to choosing the most health conscious vaporizer.

There are two methods of insulating a vaporizers oven. The first is the industry typical Silica Aerogel and the second is Air Insulation Technology. Both methods perform well but is one method safer than the other?


Air Insulated Vaporizer 1

So what is Silica Aerogel anyway? Silica Aerogel is a high performance insulation material used in industrial applications and residential construction.

On appearance, Silica Aerogel is a white fabric material with no characteristic odor. Whats the big deal about using Silica Aerogel to insulate a vaporizer?

According to the Safety Data Sheet, view-able in the link below, Silica Aerogels can cause mechanical irritation of the upper respiratory tract, while chronic exposure has been linked with Lung Cancer through the transmission of Titanium Dioxide (classified as a carcinogen).

Most vaporizers on the market use Silica Aerogels to insulate the heating chambers in their vaporizers. This was considered the most health conscious and cost effective option for insulation.

I suspect that with increased focus on the use of these Silica Aerogels in these devices, other vaporizer companies will start to search for a better alternative. Enter Air Insulation Technology. What is air insulation technology?

Its a method of insulating the vaporizers oven using the incoming air entering the device.

This air surrounds the heating chamber, cooling the heat produced by the oven without the use of any material what so ever, just air.

This insulation alternative removes Silica Aerogels from the equation entirely. Just like in food where the healthier option usually requires less hard to pronounce chemicals, vaporizers work in much the same way, the healthier option is the one with less toxic materials that can off-gas or flake off into the air pathway and into your lungs.

The Linx Gaia is the only vaporizer on the market that uses Air Insulation Technology. The air ports on the front of the Linx Gaia are positioned directly over the quartz oven, allowing the air to envelope the heating chamber before entering inside to vaporize the Cannabis within.

Since there are no plastic or rubber components, the vapor quality is second to none. Add to that, using air instead of a foreign material to insulate the oven, and you get a product that was created with the users health in mind.

In closing, vaporizing Cannabis is definitely the healthiest way to dose up. The options are clear, do you choose a product that may use Silica Aerogels to insulate the hottest portions of a vaporizer or do you choose a vaporizer that uses air to insulate? For me, its air insulation all the way, but the choice is yours. Cheers

Air Insulated Vaporizer 2


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