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Can I change wick of Hermes 2 tank?
No.  Hermes 2 doesn't allow for change of wick. 
Can I use Herms 2 with extract or loose leaf?
No. Hermes 2 is designed to use with oil and liquid only.
What is the warranty for Hermes 2?
Hermes 2 is covered by one year limited warranty.  If you have warranty questions or need supports, please contact us by submitting a ticket, select "Warranty". Make sure to include your order number (LNXVPR followed by 4-digit number), product and a detailed description of the issues so we can start the warranty service. Videos or pictures are recommended if available.  Please do not tamper any parts of the device as tampering will void your warranty.  Also check out our Warranty page for detail coverage.
Shipping Guide
Shipping Guide