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July 07, 2022 4 min read

So you may be asking yourself, “What is the Linx Apollo?” Well, the Linx Apollo is the first of its kind, a dual use extract vaporizer. Designed to be the perfect wax vaporizer, the Linx Apollo gives you the true rig experience with none of the bulk or hassle. Only the true performance you love, meaning, a great dab has never been easier!  Did we mention that no torch is needed?

The Linx Apollo is perfect for the concentrate lover, on-the-go dabber, low-key stoner, or anyone that's looking for that reason to sit back and relax with a nice fat dab. Now let’s get into what makes The Apollo the most versatile vaporizer in the industry.  


Unfortunately, we’ve all taken a dab from a nail that's just too hot. Or, coughing so hard that water doesn't even help with the burn. Or we’ve taken dabs from a nail that we've left out for ten seconds too long getting nothing but a wasted hit and a pool of oil at the bottom of your nail. Our only solutions used to be timers and temperature guns, but those days are long gone. You’ll never have to take a dab that's not at your perfect temperature again.


When we started to design the Linx Apollo our vision was to create a device that would always deliver the perfect dab in under 10 seconds. So, after years of research, hundreds of designs, and a couple dozen broken prototypes (oops) in the search for the perfect product; we created the Linx Apollo. This is the first device to not only switch between an e-nail and portable rig, but can also heat up in just 8 seconds. 

When creating a dual-use vaporizer, we wanted to make sure the Apollo was not only a great portable device for on-the-go dabs, but adaptable as an e-nail, meaning, the Apollo can attach to any glass. Transforming from a portable vaporizer to an e-nail in just seconds. 

The Linx Apollo has four preset temperature settings, ranging from 220F at the blue setting for those who really want to taste the terps, all the way to 428F at the red setting.

With a temperature for everyone, you’ll never take a disappointing dab again. But wait, you want more heat?! That's why we added the Heat Boost feature. Giving you full temperature control, Heat Boost adds up to 20F degrees a second, ensuring no wasted wax or any cooling off too much for your personal preference.   


The entire Linx Apollo kit comes in a low-key, smell-proof carrying case, meaning you can have your whole rig set up and an e-nail, in the palm of your hand (literally!). With one device you get two different experiences anytime and any place!

When designing the Linx Apollo we went with a larger quartz atomizer for great flavor, superior heat retention, and easy cleaning. The base of the Apollo Body is made with a reversible airflow meaning the airflow is switched when you use it in the different modes 


Desktop Mode: The Linx Apollo base is attached to your glass and can be used as a portable e-nail. Able to attach to male or female glass, at 90 or 45-degree angles, and 14-18mm sizes. So, using your rig or a friend’s, the Apollo can fit them all. 

The included Linx Carb Cap attaches to the top of the base, giving you unmatched airflow and huge milky hits. With none of the guesswork of a regular nail, or the hassle of a bulky e-nail. The bottom of the base also creates an airtight seal that protects your favorite glass.

Just load your wax and let the Linx Apollo do the rest. 

  •     Airflow in Desktop Mode: In Desktop Mode you can control the airflow from the top using the included Linx Glass Carb Cap. Giving you the same control you would get from a traditional carb cap.

Portable Mode: Combine the convenience of lowkey dabs on the go- and a traditional glass bubbler to create a portable dab rig experience like no other!

The Linx Apollo base, when connected with the included Linx Glass Bubbler, transforms into the perfect rig, without the bulk or need for butane or torches. The Linx Glass Bubbler’s unique percolator design allows for less air to enter the glass, resulting in richer flavor and bigger clouds.

The Apollo when used in Portable mode is exactly like a rig, without all the hassle of carrying a bong bag, and let's admit it- a kind of sketchy-looking torch. 

  • Airflow in Portable Mode: In Desktop Mode you can control the airflow from the top using the included Linx Glass Carb Cap. Giving you the same control you would get from a traditional carb cap.

With the Linx Apollo, you’ll truly have the world of dabs in the palm of your hand.


We spent years creating the perfect design, with every type of user in mind.  Something that was easy to understand for beginners but still provides an unmatched experience for those who know exactly what they want from a vaporizer.

Thanks to all your feedback on our vapes in the Linx Family, we were finally able to create the Linx Apollo, designed to be simple and sleek but, most of all, designed to meet all your needs! So get ready for a new experience, a new frontier, endless experiences, and most importantly - a perfect dab with the Linx Apollo!!

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