October 01, 2021

(Pictured Above Linx Hypnos Zero, Linx Gaia, Linx Ares) 

It's that time of year again... As the holidays grow nearer and you are on the search for the perfect 420 gift, you may find yourself at a loss. In an industry flooded with novelty products drenched in rasta colors, it can be tough. Don't stress. We have sifted through all the garbage to curate the essential 420 Gift Guide and only included the highest quality products for the modern enthusiast.


Linx Hypnos Zero

The Hypnos Zero is a wonderful portable extract vaporizer. There are a lot of great products out there, but we believe the Hypnos Zero is the best. It has a coil-less ceramic atomizer, a glass mouth piece, and a stainless steel body. There are absolutely zero plastics or fibers in the air path. This means you will get the most pure, toxin free flavor possible. In addition, it's much smaller than the competition. My personal favorite benefit is the air flow. With other extract vaporizers I feel a bit like I'm drowning. With the Hypnoz Zero, it's like I can finally breathe. 

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RYOT Utility Tool

(Pictured Above Linx Hypnos Zero & Ryot Utility Tool

One of our favorite brands RYOT, has just come out with a handy new tool. It's their take on a swiss army knife. Instead of including general survival tools, they replace them with 420 survival tools. It includes tools for packing, splitting, grinding, dabbing, you name it. With the Ryot Utilitly Tool, you can have everything you need on the go. Don't be mistaken. This is no novelty item. 

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Mystic Timber Dab Tools

(Pictured Above From Right to Left: RYOT Utility Tool, Mystic Timber Dab Tool, Linx Hypnos Zero, Mystic Timber Dab Tools)

RYOT makes the perfect tool for on the go, but when I'm at home Mystic Timber Dab Tools are my go to. They have brought style to the the dab tool market. Most other tools are pretty generic and suffer from similar problems. Mystic Timber makes each tool with a unique wood handle. Not only is it cool looking, it serves a valuable purpose. With other dab tools, you will place it on the table after use. From there, it can roll and collect dirt, hair or any other gross things that may have floated onto your table. With the Mystic Timber tools, the handle is squared off. That makes it so the tool cannot roll and will never touch the surface of your table. From Ball, Scoop or Shovel dab tool, to a two-in-one Dabber, Mystic Timber has the smoking accessory you need.

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Linx Ares

The Linx Ares is the perfect device for the flavor connoisseur. It's a truly unique extract vaporizer. Traditionally you load your extract into a chamber with an atomizer. This can be a pretty messy process. With the Ares, there is a ceramic rod atomizer instead. This means there is no loading at all. You just dip the tip of the ceramic rod atomizer into your concentrate jar and inhale through the glass mouth piece. With your typical vaporizer, you will start to taste reclaim (leftover extract in the chamber). With the Ares, there is no chamber, which means there is no reclaim. In addition, the Ares has a completely plastic and toxin free vapor path. This revolutionary combination provides for the most pure flavorful hits possible.
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Mystic Timber Joint Clips

(Pictured Above Mystic Timber Joint Clips) 

We choose to vape most of the time, but on special occasions, we throw it back and roll something up like a true OG. During times like this, we exclusively use the Mystic Timber Joint Clip. Like the dab tools, each comes with a beautifully crafted wooden handle. They have a variety of lengths, so you can switch from "Cruella Deville" to "The Dude" with ease. Next time you light one up, grab a Mystic Timber Joint Clip.

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Linx Gaia

The Linx Gaia is an impressive loose leaf vaporizer. There are a lot of great vaporizers out there, but the Gaia just does it better. Where others excel, it matches and delivers even more. The Gaia is the first loose leaf vaporizer on the market with an ALL QUARTZ chamber. In addition, it has a glass mouth piece and a stainless steel case, which makes for truly pure, toxin free vapor. It also has a digital display that allows you to control the temperature down to the degree. If that's not enough, there is a magnetic pick/packing tool built in. That means you have everything necessary to load and unload your vaporizer in the palm of your hand. If you are looking for a loose leaf vaporizer, the Gaia is the way to go.

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RYOT Pollen Box

(Pictured Above: Linx Gaia, Ryot Pollen Box, Kannastor 2 Piece Grinder)

For the experienced user, a RYOT Pollen Box is an absolute necessity. For those who don't know what it is, It's a box that you keep your loose leaf in. We recommend grinding up your product with a two piece grinder and emptying into your pollen box. The box has a monofilament screen where your product rests when not being used. As it spends time in the box, pollen falls off. The screen allows for this extra pollen to fall below. This can then be scraped up with the included card and used to top off bowls for extra potency. The RYOT Box is ideal for portability. It's the perfect size to slide in your back pocket. It's much thinner than a three piece grinder and can hold quite a bit more product. I personally have had one for over 8 years and it's as sturdy as the first day I got it.  

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(Pictured Above Kannastor 2-piece Grinder,  Linx Gaia & RYOT Pollen Box


Kannastor Grinders

(Pictured Above Kannastor 4pc Grinder/Jar, Kannastor 2 pc Grinder, Linx Gaia, GR8TR Solid Body Grinder, GR8TR Vape

Allow me to introduce you to the most innovative grinder company in the industry, Kannastor. They have been developing high quality products for the last decade and recently topped themselves. They still have the flagship grinders like the classic two piece and three piece, but recently they released a new grinder called the GR8TR. This thing is awesome. They have reimagined the grinder all together. In fact, it's not really a grinder anymore as it's name describes. It's more of a grater. Imagine if a high quality cheese grater and a grinder had a baby. The GR8TR would be the result. This is the most highly customizable grinder we've ever seen. You can adjust how fine the product is grated and sifted, with interchangeable grates and monofilament screens. The process of grinding up loose leaf has never been more advanced.  

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Blunted Objects 

(Pictured Above: Heavy Hit Beaded Bracelet, Puff and Pass Leaf Necklace)

In terms of style, this industry is seriously lacking. However, that doesn't mean there aren't brands out there making quality stuff. Blunted Objects is one of those brands. They decided to stray away from the generic novelty apparel and created a unique jewelry line that people would actually want to wear. While other brands are over the top and cheesy, Blunted Objects is hip and understated. If you are looking for a piece to show your support for the community, look no further than Blunted Objects.

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 (Pictured Above: Heavy Hit Beaded Bracelet, Linx Hypnos Zero, Puff and Pass Leaf Necklace)


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